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Honda PCX 160 ABS

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is a remarkable scooter that embodies innovation and performance.

Powered by a responsive 157cc engine, it strikes the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for both city commutes and longer rides.

The inclusion of an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ensures enhanced safety and stability during sudden stops, even on slippery surfaces.

With its sleek and modern design, LED lighting, and a spacious underseat storage compartment, it offers style and practicality in one package.

Additionally, the Smart Key System provides keyless ignition and theft deterrence, while the comfortable seating and ergonomic design make every ride a pleasure.

The PCX 160 ABS is a testament to Honda’s commitment to delivering an exceptional riding experience, combining cutting-edge technology, safety features, and style into one impressive scooter.

Rent PCX 160 ABS

Price between 1st of May – 31st of October:

400 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
350 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
5500 / month (including 500 km drive, above that 5 THB / km)
6000 / month (Unlimited km)

Price between 1st of November – 30th of April (Except Peak Season):

400 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
350 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
8000 / month (Unlimited km)

Peak Season price! Price between 15th of December – 15th of January:

400 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
9000 / Month (Unlimited km)

Tech Specs


  • Type: 157cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Valve Train: OHC; four valves
  • Bore x Stroke: 60.0 mm x 55.5 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
  • Induction: Fuel injection; 28 mm throttle body
  • Ignition: Full transistorized
  • Starter: Electric
  • Transmission: V-Matic
  • Clutch: Automatic centrifugal dry type
    Final Drive: Belt


  • Front: 31 mm telescopic fork; 3.9 in. travel
  • Rear: Twin shocks; 3.7 in. travel


  • Front: Hydraulic w/ single 220 mm disc; 1-channel ABS
    Hydraulic w/ single 220 mm disc
  • Rear: Hydraulic, but no ABS. ABS only on the front brake


  • Front: 110/70-14
  • Rear: 130/70-13


  • Rake (Caster Angle): 26º 30′
  • Trail: 79 mm
  • Length: 76.2 in.
  • Width: 29.2 in.
  • Height: 43.6 in.
  • Seat Height: 30.1 in.
  • Ground Clearance: 5.3 in.
  • Wheelbase: 51.7 in.
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.1 gal.
  • Color: Pearl White
  • Curb Weight*: 288 lbs. / 286 lbs.

PCX Hire Prices

Rent PCX 160 ABS Important Information:
In case the short-term term rental includes the dates of the Full Moon Festival or Half Moon Festival, we will charge an extra 100 THB / day on top of the mentioned renting fee, if the renting period is less than 1 week.

Would You like to rent for 3 or more months and pay at once?

Please contact us to get a special offer!

Powerful Engine

Equipped with a 157cc engine, the PCX 160 ABS delivers ample power for quick acceleration and confident highway cruising.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS boasts a robust 157cc engine, setting it apart as a true powerhouse in the scooter category.

This refined powerplant not only delivers exhilarating acceleration but also ensures smooth and responsive performance across various riding conditions.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the PCX 160 ABS offers the confident power you need.

This engine also benefits from Honda’s advanced technology, which optimizes fuel injection for enhanced efficiency without compromising on power.

So, not only do you enjoy the thrill of a commanding engine, but you also benefit from exceptional fuel economy, making the PCX 160 ABS a perfect choice for both spirited rides and cost-effective daily commutes.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda’s engineering ensures that the PCX 160 ABS is highly fuel-efficient, saving you money on gas during your daily commutes.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is a standout scooter when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Thanks to Honda’s meticulous engineering, this scooter strikes an impressive balance between performance and economy.

Its 157cc engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. This means you can enjoy a thrilling ride while saving money at the pump.

Whether you’re zipping through congested urban traffic or embarking on longer journeys, the PCX 160 ABS consistently delivers exceptional mileage.

This fuel-efficient design not only reduces your carbon footprint but also ensures fewer stops at the gas station, making it a practical and eco-conscious choice for riders seeking affordability and environmental responsibility.

Modern Design

The PCX 160 ABS boasts a sleek and contemporary design, making it a stylish choice on the road.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is a striking example of modern design, representing a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Its sleek and contemporary appearance catches the eye, making it a head-turner on the road.

The scooter features clean lines, an aerodynamic profile, and tastefully integrated components that give it a premium and sophisticated look.

The LED lighting system not only enhances visibility but also adds a touch of futuristic elegance.

With its stylish alloy wheels and well-crafted bodywork, the PCX 160 ABS offers a visual treat for riders who appreciate a scooter that not only performs exceptionally well but also makes a statement wherever it goes.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The ABS feature provides added safety by preventing wheel lock-up during sudden braking, improving stability and control. ABS only on the front brake

The Honda PCX 160 ABS takes rider safety to the next level with its Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

This advanced feature is designed to prevent wheel lock-up during sudden or hard braking, ensuring stable and controlled stops, even on slippery or uneven surfaces.

When you apply the brakes, the ABS sensors monitor wheel speed and intervene by modulating brake pressure to prevent skidding.

This means you can confidently tackle unexpected obstacles or emergency stops without fear of losing control.

The ABS on the PCX 160 ABS enhances overall rider safety, providing peace of mind and added confidence, especially in challenging riding conditions, making it a smart choice for safety-conscious riders.

Smart Key System

The keyless ignition system adds convenience and security, allowing you to start the scooter with ease.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is designed to offer riders convenience and security, and the Smart Key System is a standout feature in this regard.

This cutting-edge technology allows you to start your scooter without physically inserting a key.

Instead, it employs a key fob that communicates wirelessly with the scooter’s ignition system.

When you approach the PCX 160 ABS with the key fob in your possession, the scooter senses its presence and allows you to start the engine with a simple push of a button.

This not only streamlines the ignition process but also enhances security, as the scooter can only be started by someone with the authorized key fob.

It’s a prime example of how Honda integrates innovation and practicality to provide a seamless and secure riding experience, making the PCX 160 ABS a top choice for riders seeking both convenience and peace of mind

LED Lighting

LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals not only enhance visibility but also reduce power consumption.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS elevates your riding experience with its advanced LED lighting system.

This feature provides several key benefits for safety and aesthetics.

The LED headlights offer bright and clear illumination, enhancing your visibility during night rides and making you more conspicuous to other road users.

Furthermore, the LED taillights and turn signals not only consume less power but also respond faster, providing quicker signals to those behind you, which can be crucial in traffic.

The use of LEDs not only improves safety but also adds a modern and stylish touch to the scooter’s design, making the PCX 160 ABS stand out both day and night, offering a perfect combination of safety and aesthetics for discerning riders.

Comfortable Seating

The well-padded seat offers exceptional comfort during long rides, ensuring a relaxed posture.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS prioritizes rider and passenger comfort with its well-crafted seating.

The seats are generously padded, ensuring a plush and supportive feel, whether you’re riding in the city or embarking on longer journeys.

The ergonomic design offers an ideal seating position that minimizes rider fatigue and provides excellent back support.

This means you can enjoy extended rides with comfort and relaxation. Additionally, the PCX 160 ABS offers ample legroom, allowing for a comfortable seating position for riders of varying heights.

With its rider-focused design, Honda ensures that your comfort remains a top priority, making every journey on the PCX 160 ABS an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Large Underseat Storage

The spacious underseat storage compartment can accommodate a helmet or other essentials, keeping them safe and dry.

 The Honda PCX 160 ABS offers a substantial underseat storage compartment, an essential convenience for modern urban riders.

 This spacious storage area is designed to accommodate a full-face helmet and more, keeping your gear safe and dry while you’re parked.

 Whether it’s your helmet, shopping bags, or other essentials, the PCX 160 ABS ensures you have ample room to stow your belongings securely, eliminating the need for carrying additional bags or worrying about leaving items unattended.

 It’s a practical solution for daily commuting and errands, making your rides more enjoyable and hassle-free.

 With this generous underseat storage, the PCX 160 ABS exemplifies Honda’s commitment to providing not just a reliable ride, but also unmatched convenience for the rider on the go.

Smooth CVT Transmission

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) ensures seamless acceleration and effortless gear shifts, even in heavy traffic.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS features a Smooth Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that sets it apart in the world of scooters.

This innovative transmission system provides an effortless and seamless riding experience.

Unlike traditional manual transmissions, the CVT eliminates the need for gear shifts, allowing for smooth and continuous acceleration.

It adapts to your throttle input, ensuring optimal power delivery in various riding conditions, from city streets to highways.

This not only simplifies your riding experience but also enhances fuel efficiency.

The PCX 160 ABS’s CVT transmission offers a relaxed and responsive ride, making it a fantastic choice for riders seeking both ease of use and exceptional performance in their daily commutes and leisure rides.

Digital Instrument Panel

The digital display provides essential information such as speed, fuel level, and trip data in a clear and easy-to-read format.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS comes equipped with a cutting-edge digital instrument panel that enhances your riding experience in multiple ways.

This sophisticated display provides a wealth of essential information at your fingertips, including speed, fuel level, trip data, and more, all in a clear and easy-to-read format.

The digital panel not only ensures that you have crucial data readily available but also adds a touch of modernity to the scooter’s cockpit.

With its bright and intuitive interface, you can stay informed about your ride while maintaining focus on the road ahead, ensuring that you enjoy both convenience and style during your journeys on the PCX 160 ABS.

Excellent Suspension

The suspension system offers a smooth and stable ride, even on bumpy roads.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS boasts an exceptional suspension system that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Its front telescopic fork and twin shock rear suspension have been meticulously tuned to absorb road imperfections and deliver stability.

Whether you’re navigating pothole-ridden city streets or tackling uneven terrain, the PCX 160 ABS glides effortlessly, reducing rider fatigue.

This advanced suspension setup not only enhances comfort but also ensures consistent tire contact with the road, improving grip and control during acceleration, braking, and cornering.

The result is a scooter that handles exceptionally well, offering a plush and confidence-inspiring ride, even in challenging riding conditions.

With the PCX 160 ABS, you can enjoy both comfort and control during your daily commutes and leisure rides.

Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires reduce the risk of sudden flats and provide a smoother ride.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is fitted with reliable tubeless tires, a crucial feature that enhances safety and convenience.

These tires are designed to prevent sudden deflation in case of punctures, reducing the risk of accidents due to blowouts. Moreover, they offer improved handling and grip on the road, ensuring a stable and predictable ride.

With tubeless tires, you can ride with peace of mind, knowing that you’re less likely to experience unexpected flats, and if you do encounter a minor puncture, it can often be repaired without the need for tire replacement.

This feature adds to the overall reliability and ease of maintenance of the PCX 160 ABS, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking a safe and hassle-free riding experience.

Large Fuel Tank

The generous fuel tank capacity allows for longer trips between refueling stops.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS comes equipped with a generously sized fuel tank, a feature that enhances your riding experience in several significant ways.

With its ample fuel capacity, this scooter allows you to cover more miles between refueling stops, reducing the inconvenience of frequent trips to the gas station.

This extended range is particularly advantageous for riders with longer commutes or those who enjoy embarking on extended journeys.

Furthermore, the large fuel tank complements the scooter’s impressive fuel efficiency, ensuring you can explore new destinations with confidence, all while minimizing the disruptions caused by refueling.

The PCX 160 ABS’s thoughtfully designed tank is a practical and convenient feature that caters to the needs of riders seeking both endurance and adventure on the road.

Fuel Injection

The fuel-injected engine optimizes fuel delivery, improving performance and reducing emissions.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS comes equipped with an advanced fuel injection system, a key feature that enhances its performance and efficiency.

Fuel injection precisely meters the amount of fuel delivered to the engine, optimizing the air-fuel mixture for combustion.

This technology not only ensures consistent power delivery but also improves fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings at the pump.

It also contributes to reduced emissions, making the PCX 160 ABS an environmentally responsible choice.

With fuel injection, the scooter starts more reliably, responds promptly to throttle input, and provides smooth and consistent performance across various riding conditions, making it a superb option for riders seeking a responsive, efficient, and eco-friendly urban commuting solution.

Low Emissions

The PCX 160 ABS complies with emission standards, reducing its environmental impact.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is engineered with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, evident in its low emissions profile.

Its advanced engine technology and fuel injection system optimize the combustion process, reducing the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

This results in significantly lower emissions, contributing to cleaner air quality and a reduced environmental footprint.

The PCX 160 ABS complies with stringent emission standards, demonstrating Honda’s dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious design.

By choosing this scooter, riders not only benefit from its performance and features but also actively participate in minimizing their impact on the environment, making it a responsible and forward-thinking choice for those who value both riding pleasure and ecological well-being.

Tall Windscreen

The tall windscreen provides wind protection, reducing rider fatigue and enhancing comfort during highway rides.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS features a tall windscreen, a design element that greatly enhances the overall riding experience.

This elevated windscreen serves a dual purpose: firstly, it provides effective wind protection, reducing rider fatigue during highway rides by diverting airflow over the rider. Secondly, it offers added protection from road debris, insects, and the elements, keeping you comfortable and safe.

Moreover, the windscreen complements the scooter’s sleek design, adding a touch of sophistication.

With this feature, the PCX 160 ABS strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality, ensuring that you not only enjoy a more comfortable ride but also arrive at your destination looking stylish and composed.

Spacious Footrest

The roomy footrest area provides comfort for both the rider and passenger.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS offers a thoughtfully designed spacious footrest area that enhances rider and passenger comfort.

This well-planned feature provides ample room for both the rider and passenger to stretch their legs and find a relaxed riding posture.

Whether you’re embarking on a short city commute or a longer journey, this extra space allows for greater flexibility and reduced fatigue during rides.

It also adds to the overall riding experience, ensuring that you and your passenger have enough legroom to stay comfortable throughout your journey.

With its spacious footrest, the PCX 160 ABS caters to the needs of riders who value both convenience and relaxation on their urban commutes and leisure rides.

Responsive Throttle

The scooter offers a responsive throttle, ensuring quick acceleration and easy maneuverability.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS offers a responsive throttle that defines its dynamic riding experience.

When you twist the throttle grip, you instantly feel the scooter’s quick and seamless acceleration.

This responsiveness is not just about power; it’s about control and confidence.

The PCX 160 ABS’s engine and throttle system are meticulously tuned for optimal performance, whether you’re navigating city streets, overtaking slower traffic, or cruising on the highway.

The precise throttle response ensures that you have the power you need at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver through varying riding conditions.

With this level of control, every ride on the PCX 160 ABS is a thrilling and enjoyable experience, perfect for riders who demand both performance and precision from their scooter.

Convenient Center Compartment

In addition to the under-seat storage, there’s a convenient center compartment for smaller items like your phone or wallet.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS understands the importance of convenience for modern riders, and its center compartment is a standout feature in this regard.

Located within easy reach, this spacious storage compartment offers a practical solution for storing everyday items such as your phone, wallet, or other essentials while you’re on the go.

It complements the already generous underseat storage, providing additional convenience for items you need quick access to.

This center compartment ensures that your belongings stay secure and protected from the elements during your rides, making daily commuting and running errands a breeze.

With the PCX 160 ABS, you have a convenient and secure storage solution that adds to the overall riding experience, catering to the needs of urban riders seeking both functionality and ease of use.

Sturdy Build Quality

Honda’s renowned durability and build quality ensure the scooter can handle daily wear and tear.

The Honda PCX 160 ABS is synonymous with exceptional build quality, embodying Honda’s renowned craftsmanship and reliability.

This scooter is engineered with robust materials and precision manufacturing, ensuring its durability and longevity.

From the frame to the components, every part of the PCX 160 ABS is designed to withstand the rigors of daily riding, making it a dependable choice for urban commutes and leisure trips.

Its sturdy build not only enhances safety but also minimizes maintenance costs over time, offering peace of mind to riders.

With the PCX 160 ABS, you’re not just getting a scooter; you’re investing in a reliable and enduring companion for your daily journeys, backed by Honda’s reputation for quality and excellence.

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