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Please Note:
Our version which is available for rent is the on-road version with racing tyres.
To provide more safety on the cement and asphalt road.

Introducing the GPX MAD MAX 300, an adventure-ready motorcycle designed to conquer any terrain. Equipped with a powerful 300cc engine, it delivers impressive torque and speed.

Its smooth power delivery ensures optimal control, while the 6-speed transmission allows you to navigate diverse landscapes with ease.

The MAD MAX 300 features responsive suspension and front and rear disc brakes for superior handling and stopping power.

With a digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, and durable alloy wheels, it combines modern features with rugged capability.

Whether you’re exploring trails or cruising island, the MAD MAX 300 is your ticket to boundless adventure.

Rent GPX MAD MAX 300

Tech Specs - GPX Thailand

  • Engine:

  • Engine Type: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled

  • Displacement: 292.4cc

  • Bore x Stroke: 72 mm x 61.2 mm

  • Compression Ratio: 10.2:1

  • Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

  • Ignition: CDI

  • Starting System: Electric


  • Performance:

  • Max Power Output: 28.6 hp (21.3 kW) @ 8,000 rpm

  • Max Torque: 26 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

  • Transmission: 6-speed
    Final Drive: Chain


  • Chassis:

  • Frame: Steel Tubular

  • Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks

  • Rear Suspension: Monoshock with Adjustable Preload

  • Front Brake: Disc

  • Rear Brake: Disc

  • Front Tire: 110/70-17

  • Rear Tire: 140/70-17


  • Dimensions:

  • Length x Width x Height: 2,230 mm x 820 mm x 1,280 mm

  • Wheelbase: 1,415 mm

  • Ground Clearance: 170 mm

  • Seat Height: 790 mm

  • Dry Weight: 150 kg

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 11 liters


  • Other Features:
    Digital Instrument Cluster
    LED Lighting (Headlight and Taillight)
    Alloy Wheels
    Dual-Purpose Tires
    Adventure Accessories (optional)
    Available in Multiple Colors


Bike Hire Prices

Rent GPX MAD MAX 300 Important Information:
In case the short-term term rental includes the dates of the Full Moon Festival or Half Moon Festival, we will charge an extra 100 THB / day on top of the mentioned renting fee, if the renting period is less than 1 week.

Would You like to rent for 3 or more months and pay at once?

Please contact us to get a special offer!

Price between 1st of May – 31st of October:

600 / Day (Minimum 3 days)
500 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
7500 / Month (Unlimited km)

Price between the 1st of November – the 30th of April (Except Peak Season):

600 / Day (Minimum 3 days)
500 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
8500 / month (Unlimited km)

Peak Season price! Price between 15th of December – 15th of January:

9500 / month (Unlimited km)

Superior Handling

Introducing the GPX MAD MAX 300 – the pinnacle of adventure-ready design in the motorcycle world! Crafted for the modern explorer, this machine seamlessly blends rugged durability with cutting-edge technology.

Its robust chassis, reinforced suspension, and knobby off-road tires tackle any terrain with ease, from rocky trails to open highways.

The liquid-cooled 300cc engine delivers a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency, while the comfortable ergonomic seating ensures long-distance comfort.

Loaded with advanced features like LED lighting, digital instrumentation, and versatile luggage options, the MAD MAX 300 is the ultimate companion for conquering new horizons, making every journey an epic adventure.

Unleash your inner explorer with GPX!
The GPX MAD MAX 300 boasts a rugged and adventure-ready design, perfect for riders seeking thrilling off-road experiences and urban adventures.

Powerful 300cc Engine:

Dive into the heart of adventure with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s formidable 300cc engine, engineered to redefine your riding experience.

This liquid-cooled powerhouse delivers an impressive blend of torque and efficiency, making it ideal for conquering both challenging trails and city streets.

With fuel injection technology, it ensures precise throttle response and optimal fuel economy, allowing you to explore farther without frequent pit stops.

Whether you’re navigating rough off-road terrain or cruising down the highway, the GPX MAD MAX 300’s engine provides the muscle you need while minimizing environmental impact.

It’s the perfect fusion of power and responsibility, propelling you to new horizons with confidence and control.

Elevate your riding game with GPX!
The MAD MAX is equipped with a robust 300cc single-cylinder engine, providing ample power for conquering challenging terrains and highways.

Smooth Power Delivery:

Experience the GPX MAD MAX 300’s extraordinary smooth power delivery that sets it apart from the rest.

This exceptional motorcycle is designed with precision and innovation to provide riders with unparalleled control.

The 300cc engine’s fuel injection system ensures seamless and linear throttle response, eliminating sudden jolts and delivering power precisely when you need it.

Whether you’re navigating tricky trails or cruising on highways, you’ll appreciate the consistent and predictable power delivery that enhances stability and confidence in any riding situation.

With the MAD MAX 300, you’ll effortlessly glide through diverse terrains, allowing you to fully savor the joy of every twist and turn.

Unleash the smooth power of GPX today!

The engine offers smooth and linear power delivery, ensuring excellent low-end torque and steady acceleration for versatile riding.

Fuel Injection

Rev up your adventure with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s cutting-edge fuel injection system.

Designed for peak performance, this technology optimizes your ride in every way.

By precisely controlling the air-fuel mixture, it ensures consistent power delivery, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

No more worries about carburetor adjustments or cold starts – the MAD MAX 300’s fuel injection does it all effortlessly.

Plus, it adapts to varying riding conditions, from high-altitude mountains to scorching deserts, for a seamless experience.

It’s the epitome of modern motorcycle engineering, delivering reliability, responsiveness, and environmental responsibility.

Discover the future of riding with GPX! Featuring electronic fuel injection (EFI), the MAD MAX ensures efficient fuel combustion, reliable starts, and improved throttle response.

Comfortable Dual-Sport Ergonomics

The GPX MAD MAX 300 is your gateway to unmatched comfort and versatility, thanks to its thoughtfully crafted dual-sport ergonomics.

This masterpiece is designed for adventure enthusiasts who crave both on-road and off-road excitement.

Its ergonomics strike the perfect balance – the upright and commanding riding posture offers superb visibility in city traffic while ensuring long-distance comfort.

The plush seat is tailored for those extended journeys, and the handlebars provide a natural, fatigue-free grip.

With adjustable suspension and rider-friendly controls, this motorcycle adapts effortlessly to your needs, making every adventure an enjoyable and ergonomic experience.

Get ready to conquer the world in comfort with GPX MAD MAX 300! Its ergonomic design, upright riding position, and comfortable seat make it suitable for both on-road and off-road riding.

Responsive Suspension:

Elevate your riding experience with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s responsive suspension system. Crafted for the thrill-seeker in you, this motorcycle’s suspension setup is a true game-changer.

It features adjustable front forks and a rear shock absorber that can be fine-tuned to suit your riding style and terrain, ensuring optimal comfort and control.

Whether you’re tackling rugged off-road trails or cruising on smooth highways, this suspension system adapts seamlessly to deliver a smooth, stable, and responsive ride.

It absorbs bumps and undulations with ease, keeping you in command, enhancing traction, and providing the confidence to push your boundaries.

Dominate any terrain with GPX MAD MAX 300’s unmatched suspension performance! The bike’s adjustable front and rear suspension provide precise control over the ride, adapting to various terrains and riding styles.

6-Speed Transmission:

Gear up for excitement with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s versatile 6-speed transmission.

This advanced gearbox is engineered to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Whether you’re craving nimble control on winding trails or cruising effortlessly on the open road, the 6-speed transmission has you covered.

With a wide range of gear ratios at your fingertips, you can seamlessly navigate diverse terrains and maximize fuel efficiency on longer journeys.

Smooth shifts and precise gear changes provide an engaging and exhilarating ride, while the top-notch build quality ensures durability.

Take command of your adventure with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s 6-speed transmission and experience the ultimate in motorcycle versatility.

With a 6-speed gearbox, the MAD MAX offers flexible gear ratios, optimizing both off-road control and highway cruising.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The GPX MAD MAX 300 is engineered for safety and control, thanks to its high-performance front and rear disc brakes.

These cutting-edge braking systems are designed to deliver superior stopping power precisely when you need it.

The front disc brake offers responsive braking on various terrains, while the rear disc brake complements it perfectly for balanced stopping performance.

Together, they ensure confident handling and reduce stopping distances, promoting rider safety in both urban and off-road settings.

With the GPX MAD MAX 300, you can trust in the reliability and efficiency of these disc brakes, enhancing your overall riding experience and providing peace of mind on your adventures.

Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, the MAD MAX ensures effective braking performance, enhancing safety in all conditions.

Digital Instrument Cluster

Elevate your riding experience with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s cutting-edge digital instrument cluster.

This state-of-the-art display is designed to keep you informed and in control at all times.

With its crystal-clear readability, you have easy access to essential information like speed, RPM, fuel level, and gear position.

It also offers advanced features like trip meters, odometer, and a clock, helping you plan your journeys with precision.

The cluster’s modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your ride, while its intuitive controls ensure effortless navigation through various functions.

Stay connected and informed while enjoying the thrill of the open road with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s digital instrument cluster.

The digital display provides essential information like speed, RPM, fuel level, trip data, and more, keeping riders informed at all times.

LED Lighting

Experience the future of motorcycle illumination with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s brilliant LED lighting system.

Designed for safety and style, this cutting-edge setup guarantees unmatched visibility day or night.

The LED headlight boasts exceptional brightness and clarity, ensuring you navigate even the darkest roads with ease.

Additionally, the LED taillight and turn signals enhance your presence on the road, promoting safety for you and those around you.

LED lighting is not only more energy-efficient but also longer-lasting, reducing maintenance hassles.

Elevate your riding aesthetics and ensure your presence is known with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s advanced LED lighting, setting new standards in motorcycle illumination.

Modern LED headlights and taillights improve visibility while enhancing energy efficiency and contributing to the bike’s contemporary aesthetics.

Street Tires

The GPX MAD MAX 300 is equipped with Street Tires that redefine your riding possibilities.

These tires are the heart of its adaptability, offering exceptional traction on our island streets.

Their aggressive tread pattern and durable rubber compound provide a secure grip on various surfaces, ensuring confidence-inspiring control in every condition.

They strike the perfect balance between on-road stability and off-road capability, making the MAD MAX 300 the ultimate choice for riders who demand versatility and reliability from their motorcycle, no matter where the adventure leads.

Fitted with Street Tires, the MAD MAX offers a balance for our sandy island roads.

Adventure Accessories

Enhance your adventure with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s array of premium adventure accessories.

Designed for the intrepid explorer, our lineup includes rugged panniers and top cases, expanding your storage capacity for extended journeys.

Guard against the elements with a robust skid plate and handguards, ensuring your bike remains protected on challenging trails. Elevate your visibility with auxiliary LED lights, illuminating your path through the darkest nights. Additionally, we offer ergonomic seats and windshields for enhanced comfort during long rides. These purpose-built accessories are meticulously crafted to complement the MAD MAX 300, transforming it into the ultimate adventure companion, ready to conquer any terrain with style and confidence. Upgrade your ride today! GPX offers optional adventure accessories such as luggage racks and panniers, allowing riders to customize the bike for long-distance journeys.

Fuel Efficiency

Experience remarkable fuel efficiency with the GPX MAD MAX 300, setting a new standard in economical riding.

The heart of this motorcycle, its 300cc engine, has been finely tuned for optimal combustion and reduced friction, ensuring every drop of fuel counts.

With advanced fuel injection technology, it delivers an impressive balance of power and economy, offering you more miles per gallon without

compromising performance. Whether you’re cruising through urban traffic or embarking on cross-country adventures, the MAD MAX 300’s exceptional fuel efficiency means fewer stops at the pump, longer rides, and a lighter environmental footprint, making it the ideal choice for both your wallet and the planet.

Elevate your efficiency with GPX today! The MAD MAX’s efficient engine and fuel injection system offer good fuel economy, extending the range for adventurous rides.

Low Maintenance

The GPX MAD MAX 300 redefines hassle-free riding with its low-maintenance design.

Engineered for reliability and longevity, this motorcycle minimizes your time and costs spent on upkeep.

Its modern fuel injection system ensures efficient combustion, reducing carbon buildup, and extending engine life.

With sturdy aluminum alloy wheels and durable dual-purpose tires, you’ll spend less on replacements and repairs.

Additionally, the straightforward maintenance schedule and user-friendly components make DIY servicing a breeze.

The MAD MAX 300 empowers you to focus on the road ahead, not wrenches and tools, providing worry-free riding that lets you fully savor your adventures.

Enjoy the freedom of low-maintenance ownership with GPX! Designed for low maintenance, the MAD MAX ensures riders spend more time on their adventures and less on upkeep.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount with the GPX MAD MAX 300, making it a rider’s top choice.

Its advanced safety features include a responsive ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) that prevents wheel lock-up during sudden braking, ensuring stability and control on all surfaces.

LED lighting, including a bright headlight and distinctive taillight, enhances visibility for you and others on the road.

Moreover, the robust chassis and responsive suspension offer excellent stability, while the ergonomic design ensures rider comfort, reducing fatigue on long journeys.

With safety at its core, the MAD MAX 300 guarantees peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride while knowing you’re well-protected.

The bike features safety elements like a pass switch and side reflectors, enhancing visibility and rider safety.

Multiple Color Options

Express your style with the GPX MAD MAX 300, available in a range of captivating color options.

From sleek matte black for those who crave a bold, stealthy look to vibrant racing red for a sportier feel, we have a color to match every rider’s personality.

You can also choose classic white for a timeless aesthetic or eye-catching electric blue for a contemporary edge.

Each color is applied with precision and durability, ensuring your bike looks stunning and retains its brilliance for years to come.

Customizing your MAD MAX 300 to match your unique taste has never been easier.

Elevate your ride, showcase your individuality, and make a statement on the road with GPX’s versatile color options.

GPX offers a range of color choices, allowing riders to select a MAD MAX that suits their personal style.

GPX Quality Assurance

At GPX, they take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality assurance, and the GPX MAD MAX 300 is a shining example of our dedication.

Our motorcycles undergo rigorous testing and meticulous quality control checks at every stage of production.

From the precision engineering of its components to the robust construction of the frame, we ensure that every detail meets our exacting standards.

Our skilled technicians and engineers meticulously assemble and inspect each MAD MAX 300 to guarantee its reliability, safety, and performance.

We stand behind the quality of our product with confidence, providing you with a motorcycle that’s built to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional riding experience, making GPX the choice for riders who demand excellence.

GPX Thailand is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that the MAD MAX is built to high standards and backed by reliable support.

Affordable Adventure

Embark on an affordable adventure of a lifetime with the GPX MAD MAX 300! Designed for budget-conscious adventurers, it combines outstanding performance and rugged durability without breaking the bank.

With its impressive fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs, and competitive price point, the MAD MAX 300 opens up the world of adventure to riders of all backgrounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a beginner looking to conquer new horizons, this motorcycle offers unbeatable value without compromising on quality or features.

GPX brings you the thrill of adventure at a price that makes your dreams attainable, ensuring every ride is a memorable and budget-friendly experience.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Elevate your riding experience with the GPX MAD MAX 300’s high-performance aluminum alloy wheels.

These wheels are not just a design choice; they are engineered to deliver outstanding performance and durability.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, they enhance the bike’s agility and maneuverability, ensuring effortless control whether you’re conquering challenging off-road trails or cruising on highways.

Their corrosion-resistant properties make them ideal for all weather conditions, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance.

Additionally, their robust construction can withstand the demands of adventurous rides, giving you the confidence to push your boundaries.

With the MAD MAX 300, you’re not just getting a motorcycle; you’re getting a machine designed for excellence from the ground up.

The lightweight aluminum alloy wheels contribute to the bike’s overall agility and durability, allowing for responsive handling.

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Honest. Very clear. Rented a bike for a month. Great condition. He even gave me a little driving tutorial on a back road. Kept my passport In a safe did the deposit. Highly recommend.
Maximiliano Lionel Padulo
Maximiliano Lionel PaduloSweden
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Rented from Lala for 9 months. Lala is an amazing business man. Great service, very clear contracts, great communication, no surprises. He maintains the bikes in great condition. In case of repair he charges only fair price, no like other places. Totally recommended
Dustin Venhaus
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Great bike rental from really friendly couple. The price was great compared to the standard bike rental agencies. They even gave us a travel book and some sweet helmets to borrow. Will definitely be using them again if we are back on the island!
Oguz Sebik
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László has good prices and new bikes. More importantly he charges fair prices for any parts you may have to change on the island, which is an important perk to have since many shops charge crazy amounts. I rented for 4 months, it has been a pleasant experience overall. Highly recommended.
Jin Sowelu
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GREAT prices as far as I see compared to other places. Bike was in amazing condition, just 2 months old(new). Laszlo is very thorough and helpful if the process is new for you, very fair. They take your passport, and not cash deposit (some other places take cash deposit instead) but not a problem at all. I highly recommend this place to other people! Thank for the great service
Vyacheslav Koreshkov
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I rented the motorbike here. The bikes are in prefect conductions. The owner is very nice and kind person. It’s easy to work with him. Lala, thank you for your service. I wish you the best
Sirena Swan
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Amazing motorbike shop rental, easy lease with most reasonable price on the island. They have a various types of motorcycle and car, the owner is very friendly and offer a very good service. They are also very professional since they have a contract between the renter and the owner. I'm totally very impressed with this shop. You guys should try to rent from this shop also!
Douglas Rodgers
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I've rented from various places on different islands but I couldn't say enough good things about these guys. They are great. Friendly, straightforward, honest, fair, trustworthy, competitive, really helpful, and their bikes are just great. They are 100% and fully deserving of their top rating!.
Patricia Döring
Patricia Döring 12 August 2021
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Excellent service. I would rent here again. Perfect communication.
Craig Anderton
Craig Anderton 10 August 2021
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Friendly, sensible and fair. I forgot to return the helmets and Laszlo charged me a small deposit, which was returned when my friend later dropped off the helmets. No nonsense. I extended my hire twice. Highly recommended.

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