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HONDA CBR 500 cc

The Honda CBR 500 R is the perfect sportbike for those seeking an ideal balance of performance, style, and versatility. Powered by a responsive 471cc parallel-twin engine, it delivers exhilarating power while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. Its aggressive design is not just for looks; it enhances aerodynamics and handling. With comfortable ergonomics, it’s suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The CBR500R features a user-friendly instrument panel, LED lighting, and optional ABS for enhanced safety. It’s a thrilling ride on twisty roads and a dependable companion for everyday commuting, making it a fantastic choice for riders who want the best of both worlds.

Rent Honda CBR 500

Tech Specs - Honda CBR 500


  • Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

  • Displacement: 471cc
    Bore x Stroke: 67.0 mm x 66.8 mm

  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1

  • Fuel System: Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
    Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance

  • Starting System: Electric


  • Max Power Output: 49.6 hp (35 kW) @ 8,500 rpm
    Max Torque: 43.2 Nm @ 7,000 rpm

  • Transmission: 6-speed
    Final Drive: O-ring-sealed chain


  • Frame: Steel diamond
  • Front Suspension: 41

  • mm telescopic fork; 120 mm (4.72 inches) travel

  • Rear Suspension: Pro-Link® single shock with nine-position spring preload adjustability; 119 mm (4.69 inches) travel
    Front Brake: Hydraulic disc with dual-piston caliper (optional ABS available)

  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper (optional ABS available)

  • Front Tire: 120/70ZR-17
    Rear Tire: 160/60ZR-17


  • Length x Width x Height: 2,079 mm x 753 mm x 1,129 mm

  • Wheelbase: 1,410 mm

  • Seat Height: 785 mm (30.9 inches)

  • Ground Clearance: 140 mm (5.5 inches)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 17.1 litres (4.5 gallons)

  • Curb Weight: 192 kg (423 lbs)

Other Features

  • Panel
  • LED Lighting
  • Slipper Clutch
  • Optional Anti-Lock
  • Braking System (ABS)
  • Adjustable Brake Lever
  • Tapered Handlebars
  • HRC Racing-inspired
  • Colours and graphics
  • Digital LCD Instrument

Bike Hire Prices

Important information:
In case the short-term term rental includes the dates of the Full Moon Festival or Half Moon Festival, we will charge an extra 100 THB / day on top of the mentioned renting fee, if the renting period is less than 1 week.

Would You like to rent for 3 or more months and pay at once?

Please contact us to get a special offer!

Full Moon and HALF Moon  party Day +/- 2 day
1500 / Day (Minimum 3 days)
Exclude Full Moon party:
1200 / Day (Minimum 3 days)
1000 / Day (Minimum 7 days)

Powerful 471cc Engine

The heart of the Honda CBR500R is its formidable 471cc parallel-twin engine, meticulously engineered to deliver a remarkable blend of power and efficiency.

This liquid-cooled powerhouse boasts an optimal bore and stroke ratio, optimizing combustion for spirited acceleration and a thrilling ride.

What sets it apart is its user-friendly nature, making it ideal for both novice and experienced riders.

The engine’s torquey character ensures responsive low-end performance, making city commuting a breeze, while its top-end power eagerly caters to the demands of spirited highway runs.

This refined powerplant embodies Honda’s commitment to delivering a versatile and exhilarating riding experience.

The CBR500R is equipped with a 471cc parallel-twin engine, delivering a perfect balance of power and efficiency for both beginners and experienced riders.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The Honda CBR500R takes pride in its exceptional fuel efficiency, a testament to Honda’s dedication to practicality and eco-friendliness.

With its finely tuned 471cc engine, it strikes a harmonious balance between performance and frugality.

Whether you’re zipping through urban traffic or cruising on the open road, this motorcycle boasts an impressive MPG figure that keeps your wallet happy and reduces your carbon footprint.

Thanks to its advanced engineering, fuel consumption remains conservative, allowing you to enjoy longer rides without frequent stops at the pump.

The CBR500R is proof that exhilarating riding experiences can coexist with responsible fuel usage, making it a wise choice for riders seeking economy without compromising on performance.

With Honda’s engineering prowess, the CBR500R offers impressive fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for daily commuting and long rides.

Sporty Design

The Honda CBR500R exudes sportiness from every angle, a reflection of Honda’s commitment to both aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Its bold and aggressive design turns heads wherever you go, with sharp lines and dynamic fairings that not only look stunning but also enhance its performance.

The dual front headlights, reminiscent of Honda’s racing heritage, provide a distinctive and menacing appearance.

The sporty, full-body fairing not only looks the part but also reduces wind resistance, optimizing stability and control at high speeds.

With its sleek profile, aggressive stance, and aerodynamic contours, the CBR500R showcases a perfect marriage of style and function, making it a standout in the world of sports motorcycles.

Its aggressive and sporty design not only turns heads but also enhances aerodynamics for better performance.

Comfortable Riding Position

The Honda CBR500R prioritizes rider comfort with a thoughtfully designed riding position.

It features an ergonomic layout that ensures you’ll enjoy your journey whether you’re commuting or embarking on a long-distance ride.

The handlebars are positioned at just the right height to reduce strain on your wrists and shoulders, allowing for a relaxed grip during extended trips.

The footpegs are also placed comfortably, preventing any discomfort in your knees or hips.

Furthermore, the well-padded and contoured seat provides ample support and comfort for hours in the saddle.

This rider-centric approach showcases Honda’s commitment to making the CBR500R accessible and enjoyable for riders of all levels, ensuring you can tackle any ride with ease.

The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable riding position, reducing strain on your wrists, back, and knees during long journeys.

Smooth Six-Speed Transmission

The Honda CBR500R boasts a precision-crafted six-speed transmission, a testament to Honda’s dedication to delivering an exceptional riding experience.

This transmission offers seamless gear shifts, allowing you to effortlessly harness the power of the 471cc engine.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or conquering winding mountain roads, the smooth and responsive transmission ensures you’re always in the right gear, providing optimal control and performance.

The gear ratios are perfectly tuned to balance acceleration and top-end speed, and the clutch action is light, reducing rider fatigue in heavy traffic.

With this transmission, the CBR500R delivers a dynamic and enjoyable ride, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking a thrilling yet user-friendly sportbike experience.

The six-speed gearbox provides smooth and precise gear shifts, enhancing control and rider confidence.

Digital Instrument Cluster

The Honda CBR500R comes equipped with a cutting-edge digital instrument cluster that elevates your riding experience.

This high-tech display provides a wealth of essential information at a glance, including your current speed, RPM, fuel level, and trip data.

The clear, easy-to-read interface ensures you stay informed and focused on the road ahead. 

This digital cluster not only enhances convenience but also complements the CBR500R’s modern and sporty aesthetic.

It’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to integrating advanced technology seamlessly into their motorcycles, ensuring you have the information you need for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

The digital display provides essential information at a glance, including speed, RPM, fuel level, and trip information.

Impressive Handling

The Honda CBR500R offers riders an exhilarating experience with its impressive handling capabilities.

Designed with precision and finesse, it boasts a lightweight chassis and low center of gravity, ensuring exceptional stability and maneuverability.

This dynamic combination allows you to confidently tackle tight corners and navigate through city traffic with ease.

The responsive suspension system further enhances the bike’s control, absorbing bumps and imperfections on the road for a smoother ride.

Whether you’re carving through winding roads or weaving through congested streets, the CBR500R’s handling instills confidence, making it a joy to ride for both new and experienced motorcyclists.

The CBR500R’s nimble handling, low center of gravity, and lightweight chassis make it easy to maneuver through tight corners and city traffic.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The Honda CBR500R is equipped with a cutting-edge Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), a crucial safety feature that enhances your control over the bike in various road conditions.

ABS prevents wheel lock during sudden or hard braking, ensuring you maintain steering control and stability. This technology is especially valuable in emergency stops or when riding on slippery surfaces.

It instills confidence in riders, allowing them to brake with precision and reducing the risk of accidents.

Honda’s commitment to safety is evident in the inclusion of ABS as a standard feature on the CBR500R, making it a responsible choice for riders seeking both performance and peace of mind on the road.

Equipped with ABS as standard, the CBR500R ensures safe and controlled braking in various road conditions.

Adjustable Suspension

The Honda CBR500R offers a personalized riding experience with its adjustable suspension system, setting it apart as a versatile sportbike.

This feature empowers riders to fine-tune the bike’s suspension to match their individual preferences and specific road conditions.

Whether you desire a softer setup for a comfortable cruise or a firmer setting for dynamic handling on twisty roads, the CBR500R’s adjustable suspension delivers.

It ensures a smooth and controlled ride, regardless of your skill level or the terrain you encounter.

This adaptability showcases Honda’s commitment to catering to a wide range of rider needs, making the CBR500R a highly customizable and enjoyable motorcycle to ride.

The suspension can be adjusted to suit your riding style and road conditions, offering a smoother and more customizable ride.

LED Lighting

The Honda CBR500R incorporates advanced LED lighting, underscoring its modernity and safety-conscious design.

The LED headlights not only provide a brilliantly clear and crisp illumination of the road ahead but also consume significantly less power compared to conventional halogen lights, preserving your battery life and reducing maintenance costs.

The LED taillights ensure you’re highly visible to vehicles behind you, enhancing overall safety.

This forward-thinking lighting technology not only adds a touch of sophistication to the CBR500R’s appearance but also contributes to a more sustainable and reliable riding experience, reinforcing Honda’s commitment to innovation, style, and rider safety.

LED headlights and taillights provide excellent visibility and consume less power, improving safety and longevity.

Great Value

The Honda CBR500R epitomizes exceptional value in the world of sports bikes.

It strikes a harmonious balance between performance, features, and affordability.

With its powerful 471cc engine, sporty design, and advanced technology, it delivers an exhilarating riding experience without breaking the bank.

Honda’s reputation for reliability ensures long-term savings through low maintenance costs and excellent resale value.

Moreover, the CBR500R appeals to both novice and experienced riders, offering versatility that transcends skill levels.

When you choose the CBR500R, you’re not just getting a motorcycle; you’re investing in a thrilling, dependable, and cost-effective riding companion that embodies Honda’s commitment to delivering outstanding value.

The CBR500R offers a fantastic balance of performance and price, making it an affordable option for sportbike enthusiasts.

Under-Seat Storage

The Honda CBR500R’s cleverly designed under-seat storage compartment is a game-changer for practicality.

It provides a discreet and secure space to stow away essentials like documents, tools, or small personal items, ensuring you have what you need on hand during your ride.

This feature adds a layer of convenience, especially for daily commuting or longer journeys where storage can be a concern.

The storage area is easily accessible, further enhancing the bike’s user-friendliness.

It’s a thoughtful addition that showcases Honda’s commitment to blending sporty performance with everyday practicality, making the CBR500R a versatile choice for riders who demand both style and functionality.

The CBR500R features a convenient storage space under the seat, perfect for storing small essentials like documents or tools.

Wind Protection

R500R offers exceptional wind protection, a key element for rider comfort and safety.

Its carefully designed fairing and windscreen are not just stylish; they serve to reduce wind resistance and shield the rider from windblast, especially during high-speed cruising.

This feature minimizes rider fatigue on long journeys and enhances overall stability, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead.

Whether you’re commuting through urban traffic or exploring winding highways, the CBR500R’s wind protection ensures a smoother and less tiring ride.

It’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to engineering motorcycles that balance performance with rider comfort, making your journey more enjoyable.

The fairing and windscreen design provide effective wind protection, reducing fatigue on long rides.

Responsive Throttle

The Honda CBR500R boasts a remarkably responsive throttle that truly sets it apart.

This feature allows riders to experience precise and immediate power delivery, translating every twist of the throttle into an exhilarating surge of acceleration.

The bike’s 471cc engine has been meticulously tuned to provide a smooth and linear response, ensuring that riders have the confidence to control the bike’s power output with precision.

Whether you’re navigating through city traffic or enjoying spirited rides on open roads, the CBR500R’s responsive throttle ensures that you’re always in command, making it an ideal choice for riders who appreciate both performance and control in their motorcycle.

The throttle response is smooth and linear, allowing riders to control power delivery with precision.

Long-Lasting Build

The Honda CBR500R is built to stand the test of time.

Honda’s renowned craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of this motorcycle.

From its robust frame to its durable components, the CBR500R is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily riding and long journeys.

Honda’s commitment to quality means that every part is meticulously designed and tested, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend adventurer, the CBR500R’s long-lasting build ensures that it will be your trusted riding companion for many years, providing value and enjoyment that extends well into the future.

Honda’s commitment to quality means the CBR500R is built to last, ensuring many years of enjoyable riding.

Easy Maintenance

The Honda CBR500R is a rider-friendly motorcycle when it comes to maintenance.

Designed with accessibility and ease of service in mind, it simplifies routine upkeep tasks.

Components are thoughtfully placed and designed for straightforward access, allowing riders to perform basic maintenance and inspections with confidence.

This not only saves time but also reduces maintenance costs.

Honda’s clear and comprehensive maintenance manuals make it easy for riders to understand and follow the required maintenance schedules, ensuring that the CBR500R remains in peak condition.

With this user-friendly approach to maintenance, you can enjoy the thrill of riding without being burdened by complex service requirements, making the CBR500R a practical and convenient choice.

Accessible components and user-friendly maintenance procedures make it easier for riders to perform routine maintenance themselves.

Versatile Tires

The Honda CBR500R comes equipped with versatile tires that strike the perfect balance between grip and durability.

These tires are designed to handle a wide range of road conditions, making the bike equally at home on city streets and twisty mountain roads.

Their sporty profile ensures superb traction and responsive handling, allowing you to confidently tackle corners and enjoy spirited rides.

At the same time, their composition and tread pattern provides the durability required for extended mileage, reducing the frequency of tire replacements.

With these tires, the CBR500R offers a harmonious blend of performance and longevity, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking versatility and reliability in their sportbike.

Equipped with sporty but versatile tires, the CBR500R offers good grip on both city streets and twisty mountain roads.

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Melanie EberhardtCanada
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I rented a scooter for serveral month and i was really satisfied. Very good scooter, good price and very good communication. Nice guy! I can highly recommend it and I'll rent there again.
Brett Christensen
Brett ChristensenPoland
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Great place to rent a motorbike on the island. The owner is European and speaks good English. He's trustworthy, very helpful if there is ever a problem, and does not try to scam you like many rental places in the island. Highly recommended
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Great people. Well maintained / new or almost new bikes. Unbeatable prices and service. Thanks!
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The bike is in great condition for it being 2/3 years old. He even advised me on my visa run and saved me 300bht. Now if that isn't customer service I don't know what is. This business is how you so business. Thank you Laszlo for everything.
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Great service. Fast to answer and very helpful. Great bikes as well and very fair prices. Have referred a few friends to this agency and they are all happy as well. Highly recommended.
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Lazlo is a helpful, trustworthy operator. For example: I damaged my scooter and he met me to take me directly to the parts dealer he personally uses in to fix it at cost price and on the spot. Many Thai operators would charge an inflated damages penalty in the same circumstance. Lala is the best!
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Great price and perfect bike. Everything was made so easy and uncomplicated. Thank you guys .
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Great bike rental shop. Trustworthy owner, new bikes in great condition, competitive prices (cheaper than places near the pier). Highly recommend.
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Wojtek Osoba 25 November 2019
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Highly recommended Lala Agency. Safe and perfect conditioned scooters as well as great client service.
Irina Croft
Irina Croft25 October 2019
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Many thanks for a great service of bike rental. I have been in Koh Phangan twice lately, both times rented bike from Lala Agency. New bikes with half tank of petrol, new helmets, the owner is very friendly and attentive. Prices are lower than in most places. Best deal ever!! Will definitely come back! Thank you so much Laslo! You are the best

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