Welcome to Lala Agency / kophanganrent.com we are specialized in long term scooter and motorbike scooter rent in Ko Phangan, Thailand!

Please note that in our agency the minimum rental period at the moment is 3 days for motorbike and 14 days for the automatic scooter. There is always passport deposit for motorbike or scooter 150 cc or above!  Only with the Honda Click 125i cash (10.000 THB) + copy passport or passport deposit optional.

Pick up and drop of service: (Available only in nice weather condition on sunny days, with booking)
– Free only from / to Thongsala Pier without luggage.
– Another area will charge 100 THB / way. (Free for customer’s who’s left Google map review yet – Means only for returning costumer who’s left review before.)
– Exclude the next areas: Haadrin, Thong Nai Pan. Than Sadet. We don’t organize pick up or drop off service to those areas.

Thank you for your understanding!

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+66 63 589 4743
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WhatsApp or regular call!

Our agency specialized in long term motorbike rent. We offer our services for tourists stay long term on this island.

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Thailand, Ko Phangan… A place filled with tropical air, holistic temples and beautiful beaches. Now, who wouldn’t want to visit this paradise? It is often heard by tourists that if you’re going to travel in Thailand, travel on bikes and scooters. The fresh air, the sound of birds chirping, and the comfortable weather makes a scooter the perfect mode of transportation. But with so many safety hazards and other conditions, one often finds himself confused and disheartened when he can’t find a secure rental bikes agency. Well, what if we tell you there exists an agency that not only has well-maintained bikes but is also honest in doing business?

Lala Agency

We are a small bike rental company in Ko Phangan, a small island in Thailand. We specialize in long term motorbike renting. We like to believe in providing you with the best rides and secure service for your time as a rider here in Koh Phangan.

Who are we?

Lala Agency is a fully licensed and legalized company in Ko Phangan bike for rent. We started our rental shop back in 2017 when we saw that other companies in the business were not fair with their customers and were overcharging innocent tourists. We then decided that this unfair play had to stop. So, we opened our little rental shop in Ko Phangan scooters with honesty, and healthy intentions to keep a respectable trade with our customers.

Lala Agency Ko Phangan bike for rent is located in Ko Phangan sub-district, Surat Thani Province. We are situated in a prime locality since we are en route to beaches, and there are other hills near us.

Why choose us?

As already established from our story of how we started this business, we deliver real and honest work. Thailand is one of the top tourist places. People from all cultures, regions, locations, and races visit us. Tourists often complain that the service provided is either too costly or poorly consulted. We stand against all of these terms. We at Ko Phangan bike for rent strongly believe in delivering safe and well maintained rental scooters and motorbikes.

We have a higher service level than most. It is a significant fact to note that we love what we do, we love bikes, we love taking care of them, and we take care of them as one takes care of their pets. Every motorbike is washed and oiled before being put out for rent. We ensure that the bike is oiled and stained after it comes back from rent. We advise the customers to inform us immediately if the bikes are scratched or damaged during the time of rental so that it can be fixed quickly. Since we are responsible for sales and rental bikes, we have a strong history of providing the best-conditioned vehicles.

What kinds of bikes are available?

We at Ko Phangan scooters for rent promise to deliver the best there is in the business. We have some of the most reputed and high ranking automobile/motorbike companies associated with us. We provide all the latest models of scooters and motorbikes for you to travel in style. Because of our trusted rental bikes, we did a one-year motorbike trip with a backpacker in south-east Asia.

We have various types of scooters and bikes here at our agency. Click here for some of our top bikes and scooters.