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Honda Click 160 ABS 2023

The Honda Click 160 ABS is a standout in the world of scooters, combining style, performance, and advanced features.

Its 160cc engine delivers impressive power and efficiency, ensuring swift acceleration and long-range rides.

Safety is paramount with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control, providing unmatched stability and control.

Smartphone Connectivity keeps you connected on the go, while the Digital Fuel Gauge and Maintenance Schedule Reminder add convenience.

Thoughtful details like the Secure Fuel Filler Cap and Multi-Function Key Fob enhance security.

With Honda’s legendary reliability and sleek design, the Click 160 ABS redefines urban commuting and touring, setting a new standard for scooters.

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Tech Specs

  • EngineeSP+ PGM-FI 4 
  • Cylinder Volume Pump (cc)156.93
  • Cylinder Width Seizure60.0 x 55.5
  • Compression Ratio12.0:1
  • Clutch System
  • Transmission System (Gears)V-Matic
  • Ignition SystemFull Transistorized
  • Engine SystemElectric
  • Width x Length x Height (mm)695 x 1,929 x 1,088
  • Wheel Spacing (mm)1277
  • Distance Between Floor (mm)138
  • Upholstery Height (mm)778
  • Caster / Corners ( °’/) (mm)26° 0′ / 85 mm
  • Oil Fuel Capacity (litre)5.5
  • Frame eSAF
  • Front Prevent Quake System
  • Back Prevent Quake System
  • Net Weight (kg)118
  • Front Brake System(ABS)
  • Back Brake System
  • Wheel
  • Front Tire Size100/80-14M/C 48P Tubeless
  • Back Tire Size120/70-14M/C 61P Tubeless

Scooter Hire Prices

Would You like to rent for 3 or more months and pay at once?

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Price between 1st of May – 31st of October:

300 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
250 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
4000 / month (including 500 km drive, above that 5 THB / km)
4500 / month (Unlimited km)

Price between 1st of November – 30th of April (Except Peak Season):

350 / Day (Minimum 7 days)
300 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
6000 / month (Unlimited km)

Peak Season price! Price between 15th of December – 15th of January:

350 / Day (Minimum 14 days)
7000 / Month (Unlimited km)

Superior Handling

The Click 160 ABS’s well-balanced chassis and suspension setup ensure precise and stable handling, instilling confidence in riders of all skill levels.

The Honda Click 160 ABS sets itself apart with superior handling, underlining its status as a top-tier scooter.

Our engineers have meticulously designed this scooter’s chassis and suspension to provide a balanced, responsive, and stable ride.

Whether you’re maneuvering through congested city streets or navigating winding roads, you’ll feel confident and in control.

The precision-tuned suspension absorbs bumps and imperfections, ensuring a smooth journey.

This exceptional handling, coupled with the added safety of the ABS system, elevates the Click 160 ABS’s riding experience, making it the ideal choice for riders who demand both performance and peace of mind on the road.

Traction Control

Advanced traction control system enhances grip on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of skidding and maintaining stability.

The Honda Click 160 ABS takes safety to the next level with its advanced Traction Control system.

This technology is designed to enhance grip and stability, especially in challenging road conditions.

Traction Control monitors wheel spin and adjusts engine power accordingly, preventing excessive wheel spin and potential skidding on slippery surfaces.

Whether you encounter rain-slicked streets or loose gravel, the Click 160 ABS keeps you firmly planted on the road, reducing the risk of accidents.

It’s an invaluable feature that instills confidence in riders, making every journey safer and more enjoyable, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.

Smartphone Connectivity

Some models may offer smartphone connectivity options, allowing riders to access navigation and other essential apps on the go.

The Honda Click 160 ABS is equipped with cutting-edge Smartphone Connectivity technology, elevating your riding experience to a new level of convenience.

This feature allows seamless integration between your smartphone and the scooter’s display, enabling access to essential apps like navigation, weather updates, and call notifications right from the cockpit.

By connecting your phone via Bluetooth, you can stay informed and connected without taking your eyes off the road.

Whether you’re navigating an unfamiliar city or simply staying connected while on the move, the Click 160 ABS with Smartphone Connectivity keeps you safe, informed, and in control throughout your journey, adding a modern touch to your riding experience

Smooth Transmission

The automatic transmission of the Click 160 ABS ensures seamless gear transitions, eliminating the need for manual shifting.

The Honda Click 160 ABS offers a riding experience defined by its exceptionally smooth transmission.

Its advanced automatic transmission eliminates the need for manual gear shifting, ensuring a seamless and stress-free ride.

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology adjusts the gear ratio effortlessly, providing a constant surge of power, whether you’re accelerating from a standstill or cruising at highway speeds.

This not only enhances the scooter’s overall performance but also minimizes rider fatigue.

The Click 160 ABS’s smooth transmission guarantees a hassle-free, enjoyable ride, making it the perfect choice for urban commuters and riders who seek a convenient and effortless riding experience.

Ample Seating

Accommodating seating for both rider and passenger ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey for two.

The Honda Click 160 ABS offers an inviting riding experience with its ample seating.

Designed to accommodate both the rider and passenger comfortably, it ensures that every journey is a pleasant one for two.

The spacious and well-padded seat not only provides a luxurious feel but also reduces fatigue during extended rides.

With plenty of room to maneuver and find the perfect seating position, riders of all sizes can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable ride.

Whether you’re cruising around the city or embarking on longer trips, the Click 160 ABS’s generous seating ensures that you and your passenger arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Quick Acceleration

The responsive engine offers quick acceleration, ideal for merging onto highways or overtaking slow-moving traffic.

The Honda Click 160 ABS is all about delivering a spirited and responsive ride, and its quick acceleration is a testament to that commitment.

Powered by a potent 160cc engine, this scooter delivers an impressive surge of power, allowing you to accelerate swiftly and effortlessly.

Whether you need to zip through city traffic, merge onto highways, or navigate busy intersections, the Click 160 ABS responds instantaneously to your throttle input.

This quick acceleration not only makes your daily commute more efficient but also adds an element of excitement to your rides, making the Click 160 ABS the ideal choice for riders who appreciate both performance and practicality in their scooter.

Ergonomic Controls

Thoughtfully placed controls, including handlebars and switches, enhance rider comfort and convenience.

The Honda Click 160 ABS places a premium on rider comfort and control, and its ergonomic controls are a prime example of this dedication.

Every aspect of the scooter’s controls, from the handlebars to the switches, has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the rider’s experience.

The handlebars offer a natural and comfortable grip, reducing strain on your wrists during long rides.

The placement of switches and buttons is intuitive, allowing for easy access to essential functions while keeping your focus on the road.

Honda’s meticulous attention to ergonomic details ensures that every ride on the Click 160 ABS is not only enjoyable but also fatigue-free, making it a top choice for riders seeking a responsive and comfortable scooter.

Low Center of Gravity

The scooter’s design features a low center of gravity, contributing to stability and ease of control.

The Honda Click 160 ABS boasts a low center of gravity, a crucial design feature that significantly enhances its stability and handling.

By positioning the scooter’s mass closer to the ground, we’ve achieved remarkable balance and control.

This low center of gravity reduces the sensation of top-heaviness, making it easier for riders to manage and maneuver.

Whether you’re navigating tight city corners or taking on winding roads, the Click 160 ABS feels planted and confident.

It enhances your overall riding experience by promoting stability, agility, and rider confidence, ensuring that every journey is not only enjoyable but also safe and controlled.

Side Stand Indicator

A side stand indicator reminds riders to retract the stand before riding, preventing potential accidents.

The Honda Click 160 ABS offers a valuable safety feature with its Side Stand Indicator.

This thoughtful technology is designed to enhance rider awareness and prevent potential accidents.

When the scooter’s side stand is engaged and the engine is running, the Side Stand Indicator will alert the rider, usually through a visual or audible signal.

This reminder ensures that riders retract the stand before setting off, preventing the scooter from leaning dangerously to one side during movement.

It’s a small yet crucial detail that underscores Honda’s commitment to rider safety and peace of mind, making every ride on the Click 160 ABS safer and more enjoyable.

Convient Helmet Hook

The Click 160 ABS includes a handy helmet hook beneath the seat for secure helmet storage when parked.

The Honda Click 160 ABS is designed with practicality in mind, and the inclusion of a Helmet Hook is a testament to this commitment.

Located beneath the seat, this handy feature allows riders to securely hang their helmets when parked. It eliminates the need to carry your helmet with you, reducing the risk of misplacement or damage.

Whether you’re running errands, grabbing a meal, or simply taking a break during your ride, the Helmet Hook provides a convenient and safe way to store your helmet while ensuring it’s readily accessible when it’s time to continue your journey.

It’s a thoughtful addition that enhances your overall riding experience with the Click 160 ABS.

Stylish Alloy Wheels

Eye-catching alloy wheels not only add a touch of style but also improve overall handling and reduce unsprung weight.

The Honda Click 160 ABS not only excels in performance but also captures attention with its stylish alloy wheels.

These eye-catching wheels not only add a touch of modern sophistication to the scooter’s overall aesthetics but also serve a functional purpose.

Crafted from lightweight yet robust materials, alloy wheels enhance the scooter’s handling, responsiveness, and overall performance.

They reduce unsprung weight, which improves the scooter’s ability to maintain traction over uneven surfaces, contributing to a smoother and more controlled ride.

The Click 160 ABS’s alloy wheels are a perfect blend of style and substance, reflecting Honda’s commitment to delivering both form and function in a single, captivating package.

Adjustable Suspension

Some models may feature adjustable suspension settings, allowing riders to fine-tune the ride quality to their preferences. The Honda Click 160 ABS offers riders the advantage of an adjustable suspension system.

This remarkable feature allows you to fine-tune your scooter’s suspension settings to match your riding preferences and conditions.

Whether you prefer a softer ride for comfort during leisurely city cruises or a firmer setup for more spirited riding on twisty roads, the Click 160 ABS accommodates your needs.

By customizing the suspension, you can enjoy a more tailored and enjoyable riding experience, enhancing both comfort and control.

This level of adjustability is a testament to Honda’s commitment to rider satisfaction and versatility, ensuring that your ride on the Click 160 ABS is precisely as you desire it to be.

Fuel Tank Capacity

A generous fuel tank capacity reduces the need for frequent refueling stops on long journeys.

The Honda Click 160 ABS features a generously sized fuel tank, an essential element for riders seeking longer journeys without frequent refueling stops.

This capacious tank offers you an extended riding range, allowing you to explore more and worry less about finding a gas station.

With a larger fuel capacity, the Click 160 ABS becomes an ideal choice for riders who enjoy touring or covering longer distances.

Whether you’re commuting in the city or embarking on adventurous rides, the Click 160 ABS’s ample fuel tank capacity ensures that you have the freedom to go farther with confidence, making it a reliable companion for your riding adventures.

Maintenance Schedule Reminder

The scooter may include a maintenance schedule reminder, helping riders keep up with regular service intervals.

The Honda Click 160 ABS incorporates a convenient Maintenance Schedule Reminder system to ensure that your scooter stays in peak condition.

This feature helps you keep track of crucial maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections. When it’s time for service, the system will alert you, ensuring that you never miss a critical maintenance interval.

This not only extends the longevity of your Click 160 ABS but also maintains its optimal performance and safety.

It’s a valuable tool that reflects Honda’s commitment to rider convenience, making your ownership experience hassle-free and ensuring that your scooter remains in top-notch condition for years to come.

Variable Valve Timing

Some models may feature variable valve timing technology, optimizing engine performance across different RPM ranges.

The Honda Click 160 ABS boasts an innovative Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system, setting it apart from the competition.

VVT is a technology that optimizes engine performance across different RPM ranges.

It dynamically adjusts the timing of the intake and exhaust valves, ensuring the engine delivers both exceptional low-end torque for quick acceleration and impressive top-end power for high-speed cruising.

This intelligent system maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions while providing a thrilling and responsive riding experience.

It’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to engineering excellence, making the Click 160 ABS a top choice for riders who demand both performance and efficiency in their scooter.

Multi-Function Key Fob

Key fob functions may include locking/unlocking, opening the seat, and sounding the horn remotely for added convenience.

The Honda Click 160 ABS comes equipped with a versatile Multi-Function Key Fob, enhancing your riding experience with modern convenience.

This key fob offers a range of functions, including remote locking and unlocking of the scooter, opening the seat compartment, and even sounding the horn remotely.

It simplifies your daily routine, allowing you to access your scooter without fumbling for keys. Additionally, the key fob is designed to deter theft, as it incorporates advanced security features.

With the Multi-Function Key Fob, you enjoy the perfect blend of ease and security, reflecting Honda’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance your ownership experience with the Click 160 ABS.

Digital Fuel Gauge

In addition to the digital instrument cluster, a digital fuel gauge provides accurate real-time fuel level information.

The Honda Click 160 ABS is equipped with a modern Digital Fuel Gauge that adds convenience and accuracy to your riding experience.

This digital display provides real-time information about your fuel level, ensuring that you always have a clear indication of your remaining range.

Say goodbye to guesswork and anxiety about running out of fuel unexpectedly.

The digital fuel gauge also complements the scooter’s digital instrument cluster, giving you comprehensive insights into your ride.

Honda’s attention to detail ensures that you stay informed and in control, allowing you to plan your refueling stops with precision, making every journey on the Click 160 ABS hassle-free and worry-free.

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